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We will match your ambitions and personality with the perfect job.

What are your ambitions? Where is your strength? What makes you really happy? Let us know, and we will get to work and find a job that suits you. At Prostruct we think along creatively in your career and look for opportunities. If you are in the right place, you will develop every day and make a valuable contribution to your own development and to the organisation.

Prostruct specialises in vacancies at MBO+, HBO and WO level in architectural, civil engineering, green and renewable energy sectors.

We have a large network and vacancies for positions in which you can start working immediately. Think of jobs with contractors, engineering firms, authorities, housing corporations, architectural firms and energy companies.

At Prostruct:

  • Your development comes first.
  • You can work for the best clients at home and abroad.
  • You can put your passion into practice.
  • You make a valuable contribution to yourself and to the organisation.
  • We’re going for a long-term relationship.
  • You can work for us in all sorts of ways: employed by us or by the client, or as a freelancer.

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